Rezist Indu$trie$

Indigenous Initiative dedicated to following in the footsteps of the ancestors by promoting protection of the land, and communities, that our elders sacrificed for.

By applying the Cultural, Spiritual, & Ancestral Teachings to our modern world skills we aim to do our best to aid our communities.

Find out how you can help here.
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To help protect Indigenous ways of life by providing aid where possible.


To address the toxic pollutions affecting our world through education, the arts, and community involvement. As of right now, we are a small team of volunteers with little resources, but are doing what we can despite the odds. We have some niches that may, or may not, have some use to you.

  • Rezist! Designz:
    Artistic coalition that started as a pair of graphic designers who wanted to use their skills for communities, rather than corporate wallets. With an ability to screenprint and create modern day art pieces, we are focused on spreading awareness of culture, and spiritual teachings images.

You can view & support the art-works here:
(Sales are used to keep Rezist Online, and active in communities.)

If you’d like to get your art featured, email:

  • Intro to the Basics of Graphic Design with Adobe PhotoShop:
    If you’d like to start learning how to use Photoshop, just e-mail
    Designz(at)rezist.org with a response to the questions below:
    1. Name/Nickname
    2. Do you own a computer, or laptop?
    3. Do you have any experience with photoshop, or any other Adobe Products?
    4. (Optional) How did you hear about us?
    5. (Optional) Where are you? (We are primarily able to travel within’ the ‘American SouthWest’.)

  • Intro To Silk Screen Art:
    We can come out to organizations, or universities, & help with starting conversation about the history of Radical Graphics acting as tools to influence society. We can also teach screen printing infoshops that allow participants to learn the basics of silk screen printing while creating a poster everyone can take home. 🙂Email: volunteer(at)rezist.org for more details.

  • Clothing For Unsheltered Relatives:
    With the American Economy being built upon the lower classes, not being able to afford adequate housing or property has always been common throughout the generations. With winter coming again, we are now volunteering to help coordinate & distribute clothing to families in the city of Phoenix, as well as reservations (AKA POW Camps) nearby.
    We can also take in donations in the city San Francisco, CA. (If you’d like to help us cover the shipping costs to get it to Phoenix, you can send support funds here.)

    Email: volunteer(at)rezist.org
    for more information.

  • Basics Of Self-Defense Skillshares:
    As the statistics continue to show that oppressed peoples, particularly Indigenous Womxn of the Lands as well as LGBTQ, continue to go missing, or worse: murdered. We believe that communities discussing self-defense is becoming more necessary than ever in a world that continues to not only tolerate, but also defend, political officials who are publicly known as womenizers.
    If mainstream society continues to abide by & let such things continue, or even grow, our communities will see threats to our families rise. Which we do not want to happen.
    If you’d like us to help you organize a community self-defense skillshares in your neighborhood, we would be happy to do so! Our facilitators are currently based in Phoenix, AZ as of right now.

For info on the next meet-up, e-mail: volunteer(at)Rezist.org

It is an open skills-share, so this means anyone else is also welcome to share their knowledge.

  • Ancestral Gardens Project (2019)
    Next planting season, in cooperation with Indigenous Relatives within’ our occupied southwest homelands, Rezist will be helping add to the Food Sovereignty Movement already going. We will be focused next year on helping grow Maize, the Ancestral Food that is held sacred to many Indigenous Peoples throughout Occupied Homelands. You can help us Rezist! By donating seeds & gardening items.

    Email: volunteer(at)rezist.org for more info

    Rezist Sound$ Project
    Did you ever want to record some sounds that Rezist! Hit us up through the email listed below to get in contact. We can help you record your material & put together demos for free.

    Just email us at: recordz(at)rezist.org