Black Mesa Rezistance Camp

With some of us being Dine’ ourselves, it is an honor to announce that Rezist! will be aiding our Brothers & Sisters at Black Mesa Resistance Camp with their Website!

   In Black Mesa, Dine’ Families have been fighting Federal Land Removement instigated by the Navajo Generating Station & Peabody Coal Mines, both responsible for pollution in the areas of our homeland.

  These Federal Evictions started when Energy Companies moved into the area in order to start extracting resources, at the cost of destroying the water, soils, & air quality, in the homelands of the Hopi & Dine’ People. If we look into the past, both have a history of sharing the land & trading goods, but also a share sad one. Invading Forces from Europe Pushed into the Hearts of the Tribes in the late 1800’s, and resources became scarce. Forcing conflict among themselves, and with colonizing settlers. The invading families & their armies saw to it that many people were murdered, raped, & split from their families. And now in the 21st century, we find the Colonizing Forces continuing their old ways.

Help support the familes of Black Mesa! You can find more information on their website.

Now online at:

Rezist! Will be selling stickers, and all proceeds will be going to helping with Black Mesa Camp Supplies.

Stickers will be on sale soon!


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