Power Struggle in Dinétah


Just yesterday there was a rally in occupied lands of ‘Phoenix, Arizona’, where Dine’ relatives showed their support of a Power Generating Station, and Coal Mine, responsible for desecrating the land, open.

In the Black Mesa Homelands of the Dine’, many familes rely on the Navajo Generating Station & Black Mesa Coal Mine in order to make ‘United States’ Currency.

One quote from a Dine’ worker was “We just want to survive,” she said, adding that many young workers at the facilities will have to leave the reservations to find work if the plant and mine close. “”We want them to be able to have a future and be able to raise their families on their homeland,”.

BUT, there is no Homeland after all the water has been contaminated and drained, or no soil to live upon, and no air to breathe if it’s non-inhabitable due to the effects the Mine & Power Generating Station have on the environment!

Another Excerpt:
“Native American tribes, municipal water providers and agricultural districts in central Arizona — more than 5 million people and 350,000 acres of irrigated land — depend on CAP for the reliable delivery of reasonably priced water,”. – Cap stated.

If this were true, ALL Tribal Families would have adequate power lines leading to their home sites, and this is not true. Especially within’ miles of the Coal Mine!

There is something wrong with this picture.

And it’s Capitalist Propaganda!

From the moment you see the Article’s opening picture which is an image of children who don’t understand a thing about the effects of the Mine besides that it gives them ‘money’. To the words of AZCentral portraying the workers as victims, this article is nothing but propaganda meant to sway the public’s support in keeping environmentally destructive acts in motion.

June 7, 2018

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