Immigrant Hypocrisy Pt. 1

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   The stealing of children is a typical colonization techniqe. And it is one still continued today!

    Immigration & Border policies are being taken to the extreme by the so-called ‘United States’, they are repeating past acts already before used upon children during the Boarding School Kidnappings era. A time when the Government of the ‘United States’ kidnapped children, seperating them from their families at gunpoint, telling them your ways are wrong. Imagine someone telling you as a child that “You are illegal.”, that “Your existence is wrong.”. Actions exactly mimicking the boarding school program forced upon our Tribes here in our homeland. Telling a human being that your existence is wrong, that you have no place inside your homeland. Actions that will have nothing but negative effects on our worlds.

   Already today, across our Occupied Homelands,  the reported numbers of crime are on the rise. A large majority being committed against the life-givers of our children, Women. *A 2004 Department of Justice report estimated assault rates to be as much as 50% higher than the next most victimized demographic. These estimates not including unreported cases of abuse that happen, or go ignored. It is very difficult to assume that the ‘Justice Department’ of the ‘United States’ has their best interests in our Indigenous Communities that they are responsible for destroying. This is one example that will rise as we traumatize Indigenous People’s even more, whether they are ‘Colonizer-Recognized’, or not.

   Here inside these imaginary lines, where ‘states’ are drawn by an Invading State who are immigrants themselves. Across these lands destroyed nearly beyond repair by crimes conducted in the name of Religion & Profit; and beyond these radioactive sands in the homelands of the southwest that the colonizers used for their wars waged in the name of ‘Freedom’. Let it be known.

No one is ‘Illegal’.

   By continuing these crimes, and kidnapping children with Indigenous Blood. The Corporate Puppets of the ‘United States’ continue their persecution of Indigenous Peoples across these lands we are born to. The future they are enabling for these children is an atrocity and should condemned! The message being scarred into these children is only tearing Indigenous People’s families apart, and destroying their chances at Cultural Revitalization.

   As these acts of terrorism continue into the 21st century, we must stay resilient in the face of these crimes. Indigenous Peoples learning to unify & re-connect with our cultures is becoming more necessary than ever.

The crimes being committed against the Original People’s of this Land are a call for Justice, & Action.

Sending Prayers, Love, & Solidarity to All Our Indigenous Relatives across the continents.


To be cont. .


Source Citation: *Steven W Perry,  American Indians and Crime- A BJS Statistical Profile 1992-2002, Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, December 2004.

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