6-27-18 Thoughts after Leonard Peltier Day.

What is Justice? How do we find it? What does it even mean in today’s world.

Today, these thoughts cloud a mind.

Today, thoughts of our relative Leonard Peltier go into the world with our prayers.

Still today, he is held as a prisoner of war, within’ a system that says it represents ‘justice’.

These thoughts remind one of words Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN once wrote.

“He is not being held for a crime, he is not being held for an act that was committed.”

“He is being held for being different.

For standing up, instead of sitting.

For protecting, instead of destroying.

For dreaming, instead of sleeping.

For loving, instead of hating.

For staying resilient, instead of defeated.

For knowing loyalty, instead of deceit.

For knowing truth, instead of ignorance.

For knowing honor, instead of lowliness.”.

As this is written, a little ant crawls onto the page.

A question is asked to them.

To the ones that survive in their wombs, (or tombs?), of darkness that are carved so eloquently within’ our Sacred Home called Earth.

Do you tell us that we will see justice by digging into the sand?

Or that dragging a giant leaf over 20 times our size across continents will give an answer?

Maybe, that a swarm of ants to tear apart those, and their system, responsible for the desecration of our lands & people’s is the answer.

As ideal as the answer is..

Perhaps, you wish to be a reminder of the beautiful home that is below us, but also above us.

Perhaps, you want to be a reminder that through patience, being in cooperation with the many, and staying resilient; just like Leonard.

We will find what we seek.


Surely, that must be how those of us seeking the Justice we deserve, will be done.


Someone who prays that one day Justice will be found.

With Reparations right alongside it.

June 27, 2018

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