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As the bombs ironically blow in the air as celebration by the good people of ‘America’ (One of the Biggest Empires responsible for the destruction of Indigenous People’s Homelands), celebrate their reign of terror within’ occupied territories.

Rezist! Designz was inspired with another sticker.

(Soon to be a Sticker)

A reminder why, we will continue our mission, to unify all of our relatives suffering under the skyscrapers & boots of Neo-Capitalist Armies who paint themselves falsely, as saviours.
Who continue, still today, their conquests for God, Gold, & Glory.
Even 500 years later after being welcomed so kindly by Tribes with gifts, and food. They continue to take & destroy everything the People Hold Sacred!
In the lands of Indigenous Ancestors, the People will continue to build, and continue to grow. For preparation when the stars align , and unify the tribes.
And one day, be able to govern ourselves under the Natural Laws that each, and everyone one of ourselves have a right to.
For All Of Our Relations.
Print it Out, Make your Own Stickers, Maybe we’ll make it a part of an upcoming coloring book.
Credit: Rezist Designz!

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