Indigenous-Led Team focused on helping protect Indigenous Communities & their ways of life.
We are dedicated to following in the footsteps of our Ancestors to find & attain the environmental justice many of our Elders across the Lands fought for.

By using the lessons of our Cultural, Spiritual, & Ancestral Teachings, and combining these practices in our modern world rapidly growing in technological capacity. We choose to oppose the environmental racism that continues to target our Relatives across our occupied homelands around the world.

We are here to help empower our fellow Indigenous Communities. Through unity, education, prayer, and action, we will defend everything Sacred to our Peoples.

-Website Development-

If you have an idea, or goal you want to achieve, we want to help! We will not only host, and help you design your website. We are also here to help you develop your vision even further!

-Web Design-

Once your vision is developed, we are here to help you make your website even better! Our design team is here to help!

-Graphic Design-

Along with putting all the words in order on the website, we want to help you even more. With Rezist! Designz, we will help you develop logos, emblems, & any other image you could possibly want, that will help you achieve your goals.

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Besides the services aboves, Rezist! has a goal to grow! We plan to start facilitating educational gatherings in different Territories. Free tech-development courses will be available, as well as facilitation assistance for groups to come together, discuss, & share knowledge that will help communities safeguard their territories from further damages colonization has had on our tribes; ranging from the abuses impacting more than just our families, our non-human relatives, & our Mother Earth.
You can help us start the initiative in Projects ranging from Cultural Revitalization to Environmental Restoration through your generous donations.
Rezist! will also soon be on its way to creating self-produced videos, podcasts, and helping artists share their works. (We believe our drawings, our sounds, our songs, our stories, to be important in our journeys that lead us to the healing, and unification of our communities.)
At no cost to Indigenous Communities Nations Wide.
By being at service to families within’ our different homelands, Rezist! will help provide inspiration, and cultivation of all our People’s Cultural Revitalization. We will be able to preserve, and defend the life-ways of our ancestors.
For All Of Our Relations.