Encrypted Messaging

We recommend you start securing your communications as soon as possible with one, or all, of these free encrypted messaging services; and to stop using gmail. (Seriously)

Encrypted Email Services

Protonmail – https://protonmail.com/

  • Based out of a country called Sweden, Protonmail encrypts your emails, & their servers. Everything is encrypted end-to-end; meaning that even if a government court order forces Protonmail to turn over User Data, they turn over only encrypted data that the courts will be unable to read.
  • So far possibly the best service that offers the most storage space for free.

Tutanota – https://tutanota.com/

  • Based Out Modern Day Germany, Tutanota lets you send end-to-end encrypted emails to any email provider by using a shared password.  Meaning that you can send encrypted emails to any type of email account, not just Gmail.
  • Just like ProtonMail, If a government court order forces Tutanota to turn over User Data, only encrypted information is shared, as Tutanota states it cannot unencrypt their own emails, only ifthey wanted to.
  • Tutanota is very high on the list of best Free Encrypted Email Services offered.

RiseUp – https://riseup.net/

  • If you don’t like any of the choices listed, Riseup also provides encrypted email services for free. 
  • Here is a quote From their Website that may win you over:
    “We empower organizations and individuals to use technology in struggles for liberation.”
  • Definitely check out their website, they uphold encryption just as well as Tutanota & ProtonMail, if not better.
  • Creating a Riseup Email Address is Free, but the process of creating an account is not as simple as other encrypted email services.


Signal – https://www.signal.org/

Free to use on any phone that supports data/internet, Signal is the e-z recommended go to for encrypting your calls & texts on Android, or Iphones; & Laptops!

Check out their site if you want to know more about why you should get signal .

Best part: Free to Use

Confide – https://getconfide.com/

Free to use the basics, but for more advanced features you have to upgrade. Regardless, Confide is basically Signal on a higher tier.

The level of:
You read it once, & it’s gone.

Available on almost every mobile device, including computers/laptops/tablets.

Wire – https://wire.com/

Just as good as the other choices. Wire is free to use, but can be upgraded to support encrypted end-to-end video chat up to 100 people.

Unique Advantage – You don’t have to register your phone # to use Wire.

Available on almost every mobile device, including computers/laptops/tablets.


Important Note:

We covered many major free encrypted messaging providers;
But never forget that if you truly want to stay 100%  encrypted in today’s digital world:

Never send a message with Technology.