In a world that grows with corruption,

There will be those who will Rezist!

are the Rezistance.

Rezist! Vision:
To help protect Indigenous ways of life throughout the world by providing aid to communities facing Injustice.

Rezist! Mission:
Rezist! mission is to address modern day issues affecting our environments, such as pollution destroying the Earth and destroying humanity. By helping Indigenous Cultures preserve and utilize their ancient wisdoms that have the ability to inspire older, and younger, generations to have environmental awareness and responsibility surroundingĀ  the sustaining of health within’ ourselves, the land, air, and water.

Rezist! Objectives:
Through enhancing the well being of commmunities by helping preserve and protect culture, and the natural resources of all peoples; Rezist!’s goal is to help communities coordinate education, outreach, restoration projects, and legal action, embracing an approach to help build the well being of communities. By combining spiritual, cultural, and environmental tools together. We can help our communities, and the world, become a more sustainable place for current, and future generations.

Why we do what we do:
With Humankind out of balance with ourselves, and Nature. Our existence and high levels of wellbing for all peoples, is needed in order for society at a large to reconnect with nature by becoming aware of the values we hold with our relationship to life, both around us and within us. The creators of Rezist! were born into families facing, and still facing, the aftermath of colonization.
Surrounded by our Indigenous struggles, we choose to pursue a path leading to harmony, and peace between all Nations; despite the injustices that have been ongoing since before the days of first contact with Conquistadors, or Colombus.

Rezist! was created in order to help our relatives & their Indigenous Cultures share their ways of life that have survived over the last 15,000 years.

With Indigenous Cultures having one of the most unique and advanced relationship with the Continents, Rezist! believes that by preserving our cultures, and applying principals to modern day life, humankind can re-connect with nature, and help address the critical environmental issues of today. Both, based in nature & ourselves.