The Crew So Far

Experienced as a conflict resolution advisor, Panther got involved with what many call activism at a young age. Descendant from the Caxcan in ‘Mexico’, Panther migrates between her homes in Mexico and the’United States’. Involved in the fight for justice with a variety of social justice movements such as prison abolition, women’s rights, animal liberation, rights of ‘undocumented’ peoples, and anti gentrification to name a few. Panther has years of experience organizing within’ educational environments. Focused on helping relatives learn more about the process of decolonization, their path within activism has led to the completion of a Bachelors Degree in social work where she will be working to help create, and implement, policies that will benefit the marginalized in modern society.
When Panther is finished hunting down her next academic feat, you just might see her outside of Chicago.

Lead visual communicators advisor for ‘Rezist! Designz’. Wolf gots that heightened ability to develop vivid murals through Digital Photography, Graphic Design, and Video Production. With a hunger to achieve their goals revolving around the mobilization of defense support urgently needed in today’s world. They are now focused on combining their skills to benefit communities and help defend their Ancestral Ways of Life through the mobilization of communities being targeted.

Currently nestled in textbook studying a variety of methods surrounding sustainability in hopes of being able to provide better methods of renewable energy to impoverished communities.
When not spending time nested in texts, Bobcat likes to volunteer when he can with Rezist.

Growing up like too many in today’s world. Coyotefigured volunteering with Rezist would be a good way to help.