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As the bombs ironically blow in the air as celebration by the good people of ‘America’ (One of the Biggest Empires responsible for the destruction of Indigenous People’s Homelands), celebrate their reign of terror within’ occupied territories.

Rezist! Designz was inspired with another sticker.

(Soon to be a Sticker)

A reminder why, we will continue our mission, to unify all of our relatives suffering under the skyscrapers & boots of Neo-Capitalist Armies who paint themselves falsely, as saviours.
Who continue, still today, their conquests for God, Gold, & Glory.
Even 500 years later after being welcomed so kindly by Tribes with gifts, and food. They continue to take & destroy everything the People Hold Sacred!
In the lands of Indigenous Ancestors, the People will continue to build, and continue to grow. For preparation when the stars align , and unify the tribes.
And one day, be able to govern ourselves under the Natural Laws that each, and everyone one of ourselves have a right to.
For All Of Our Relations.
Print it Out, Make your Own Stickers, Maybe we’ll make it a part of an upcoming coloring book.
Credit: Rezist Designz!

6-27-18 Thoughts after Leonard Peltier Day.

What is Justice? How do we find it? What does it even mean in today’s world.

Today, these thoughts cloud a mind.

Today, thoughts of our relative Leonard Peltier go into the world with our prayers.

Still today, he is held as a prisoner of war, within’ a system that says it represents ‘justice’.

These thoughts remind one of words Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN once wrote.

“He is not being held for a crime, he is not being held for an act that was committed.”

“He is being held for being different.

For standing up, instead of sitting.

For protecting, instead of destroying.

For dreaming, instead of sleeping.

For loving, instead of hating.

For staying resilient, instead of defeated.

For knowing loyalty, instead of deceit.

For knowing truth, instead of ignorance.

For knowing honor, instead of lowliness.”.

As this is written, a little ant crawls onto the page.

A question is asked to them.

To the ones that survive in their wombs, (or tombs?), of darkness that are carved so eloquently within’ our Sacred Home called Earth.

Do you tell us that we will see justice by digging into the sand?

Or that dragging a giant leaf over 20 times our size across continents will give an answer?

Maybe, that a swarm of ants to tear apart those, and their system, responsible for the desecration of our lands & people’s is the answer.

As ideal as the answer is..

Perhaps, you wish to be a reminder of the beautiful home that is below us, but also above us.

Perhaps, you want to be a reminder that through patience, being in cooperation with the many, and staying resilient; just like Leonard.

We will find what we seek.


Surely, that must be how those of us seeking the Justice we deserve, will be done.


Someone who prays that one day Justice will be found.

With Reparations right alongside it.

June 27, 2018

Report Back: Black Mesa

This Weekend, Rezist was able to coordinate with groups to start the initiative in helping familes test their water wells in the area. A workshop is being held at the Forest Lake Chapter House in Navajo County. After the training sessions, the mentors & students, will move to stay the night at the Black Mesa Resistance Camp; and proceed to test a nearby windmill well for contaminants.

The water testing workshop starts at 10AM today, and will be continuing again tomorrow, on Sunday, June 24th.

Visit the Camp Info Site At:

(We apologize for the late update, our ability to connect to the Worldwide Web is very limited in the rural regions of the Navajo Nation.)

More Updates to come soon.

Immigrant Hypocrisy Pt. 1

(Article Featured Pic By: Rezist! Designz)

  (Barbed Wire Picture by: Reuters)

   The stealing of children is a typical colonization techniqe. And it is one still continued today!

    Immigration & Border policies are being taken to the extreme by the so-called ‘United States’, they are repeating past acts already before used upon children during the Boarding School Kidnappings era. A time when the Government of the ‘United States’ kidnapped children, seperating them from their families at gunpoint, telling them your ways are wrong. Imagine someone telling you as a child that “You are illegal.”, that “Your existence is wrong.”. Actions exactly mimicking the boarding school program forced upon our Tribes here in our homeland. Telling a human being that your existence is wrong, that you have no place inside your homeland. Actions that will have nothing but negative effects on our worlds.

   Already today, across our Occupied Homelands,  the reported numbers of crime are on the rise. A large majority being committed against the life-givers of our children, Women. *A 2004 Department of Justice report estimated assault rates to be as much as 50% higher than the next most victimized demographic. These estimates not including unreported cases of abuse that happen, or go ignored. It is very difficult to assume that the ‘Justice Department’ of the ‘United States’ has their best interests in our Indigenous Communities that they are responsible for destroying. This is one example that will rise as we traumatize Indigenous People’s even more, whether they are ‘Colonizer-Recognized’, or not.

   Here inside these imaginary lines, where ‘states’ are drawn by an Invading State who are immigrants themselves. Across these lands destroyed nearly beyond repair by crimes conducted in the name of Religion & Profit; and beyond these radioactive sands in the homelands of the southwest that the colonizers used for their wars waged in the name of ‘Freedom’. Let it be known.

No one is ‘Illegal’.

   By continuing these crimes, and kidnapping children with Indigenous Blood. The Corporate Puppets of the ‘United States’ continue their persecution of Indigenous Peoples across these lands we are born to. The future they are enabling for these children is an atrocity and should condemned! The message being scarred into these children is only tearing Indigenous People’s families apart, and destroying their chances at Cultural Revitalization.

   As these acts of terrorism continue into the 21st century, we must stay resilient in the face of these crimes. Indigenous Peoples learning to unify & re-connect with our cultures is becoming more necessary than ever.

The crimes being committed against the Original People’s of this Land are a call for Justice, & Action.

Sending Prayers, Love, & Solidarity to All Our Indigenous Relatives across the continents.


To be cont. .


Source Citation: *Steven W Perry,  American Indians and Crime- A BJS Statistical Profile 1992-2002, Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, December 2004.

Power Struggle in Dinétah

Just yesterday there was a rally in occupied lands of ‘Phoenix, Arizona’, where Dine’ relatives showed their support of a Power Generating Station, and Coal Mine, responsible for desecrating the land, open.

In the Black Mesa Homelands of the Dine’, many familes rely on the Navajo Generating Station & Black Mesa Coal Mine in order to make ‘United States’ Currency.

One quote from a Dine’ worker was “We just want to survive,” she said, adding that many young workers at the facilities will have to leave the reservations to find work if the plant and mine close. “”We want them to be able to have a future and be able to raise their families on their homeland,”.

BUT, there is no Homeland after all the water has been contaminated and drained, or no soil to live upon, and no air to breathe if it’s non-inhabitable due to the effects the Mine & Power Generating Station have on the environment!

Another Excerpt:
“Native American tribes, municipal water providers and agricultural districts in central Arizona — more than 5 million people and 350,000 acres of irrigated land — depend on CAP for the reliable delivery of reasonably priced water,”. – Cap stated.

If this were true, ALL Tribal Families would have adequate power lines leading to their home sites, and this is not true. Especially within’ miles of the Coal Mine!

There is something wrong with this picture.

And it’s Capitalist Propaganda!

From the moment you see the Article’s opening picture which is an image of children who don’t understand a thing about the effects of the Mine besides that it gives them ‘money’. To the words of AZCentral portraying the workers as victims, this article is nothing but propaganda meant to sway the public’s support in keeping environmentally destructive acts in motion.

June 7, 2018

Black Mesa Rezistance Camp

With some of us being Dine’ ourselves, it is an honor to announce that Rezist! will be aiding our Brothers & Sisters at Black Mesa Resistance Camp with their Website!

   In Black Mesa, Dine’ Families have been fighting Federal Land Removement instigated by the Navajo Generating Station & Peabody Coal Mines, both responsible for pollution in the areas of our homeland.

  These Federal Evictions started when Energy Companies moved into the area in order to start extracting resources, at the cost of destroying the water, soils, & air quality, in the homelands of the Hopi & Dine’ People. If we look into the past, both have a history of sharing the land & trading goods, but also a share sad one. Invading Forces from Europe Pushed into the Hearts of the Tribes in the late 1800’s, and resources became scarce. Forcing conflict among themselves, and with colonizing settlers. The invading families & their armies saw to it that many people were murdered, raped, & split from their families. And now in the 21st century, we find the Colonizing Forces continuing their old ways.

Help support the familes of Black Mesa! You can find more information on their website.

Now online at:

Rezist! Will be selling stickers, and all proceeds will be going to helping with Black Mesa Camp Supplies.

Stickers will be on sale soon!


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